Mission Statement
Project P.A.W. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charity

Project P.A.W. is committed to the humane treatment of animals, with a strong focus on stray and abandoned cats.  We provide a no-kill shelter for cats, which is staffed by volunteers and funded completely through charitable donations.  We aim to reduce the unwanted pet population through a proactive spay and neuter program.  We believe that pet ownership is a serious commitment, and work towards the placement of pets in stable, healthy, and loving homes.


Rescue Policies
Please read before dropping off a pet


Project P.A.W. is a no-kill animal shelter.  Euthanasia is used only in cases in which an animal is in chronic pain or is terminally ill.


If you need to turn over a cat or kitten, please do not be afraid to contact us, either in person, by phone, or via e-mail.  However, you CANNOT bring them directly to the kennel without getting authorization from us to do so first.  Our answering machine is on 24/7 and our e-mail is monitored regularly.  Please leave your name, phone number, a brief description of the cat (approximate age, sex, whether it's spayed/neutered, declawed, etc.) and why you can no longer care for them (e.g., behavioral issues, illness, housing problems, etc.).  One of our volunteers will return your call to explain the process to help you and the animal.  As the demand to dispose of animals is at an all-time high, you may be put on a waiting list.  We are a no-kill kennel with limited space, and without steady adoptions of our current residents we cannot do as much as we would like to.  Our primary goal is to save the poor animal from being turned out onto the streets of the Triple Cities, where there are already thousands of unwanted and neglected strays not being cared for at all.


Dumping and abandoning an animal in the parking lot or doorway of Project P.A.W. is cruel and unnecessary, not to mention illegal.  That is why we strongly encourage you to work with us if you need to turn over an animal.  Many of the animals that are dumped are scared and terrified.  Instinctively, a cat will stay where it's owner leaves it, believing the owner will return for them. Sadly, this is never the case.  Until we can win over the cat's trust and humanely trap them, they are forced to survive in the harsh outdoors with the added threats of cruelty, wild animals and the high-traffic area of the East Side.  Unfortunately, many abandoned cats elude capture for months, which leads to more unwanted pregnancies and the possible spreading of sickness and disease.


NOTE:  We have installed cameras around the outside of the shelter to identify people and license plates when cats are dumped on the property.  This information will be turned over to the police immediately.


Adoption Policies
Please read before considering an adoption


To support the non-profit mission of Project P.A.W., we require an adoption fee of $40 per pet.  We can accept cash, or checks made payable to "Project P.A.W."  This helps to offset the costs of caring for your pet before and during the adoption process.


The pets offered for adoption by Project P.A.W. are primarily stray or abandoned.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee the age, past history or health of the pet.  We can only convey the behavior, disposition, and health information gained during the time the pet has been under our care.


All adoptions are contingent on the adopter's agreement to keep the pet indoors at all times.  Traffic and fights with other animals have always been a danger.  In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in feline leukemia, feline HIV/AIDS, and other contagious diseases that make an indoor lifestyle mandatory.  There has also been a startling increase in acts of cruelty towards animals in our area, making the outdoors even more unsafe.


We require that all pets be spayed or neutered prior to adoption, if their age permits.  Females can be spayed at 6 months, and males can be neutered at 7 months.  If you adopt a younger pet, you assume responsibility for having them spayed or neutered.  In those instances, Project P.A.W. will require that you provide a copy of documentation from a veterinarian as proof that the pet has been altered.


We encourage adopters to schedule a veterinarian visit as soon as possible.  This will establish a base of information about your pet, and assure that all vaccinations are up-to-date.


Your connection with Project P.A.W. does not need to end with the adoption.  We are available as a resource for any questions regarding your pet's health and behavior.  Many problems can be resolved with a little advice, or with a referral to other resources.


If, for any reason, an adoption is not working out, we ask that the animal be returned to the shelter.  We understand that sometimes allergies, finances, or problems interacting with children or other pets can make this necessary. 



Project P.A.W.
127 Bevier Street
Binghamton, NY 13904
(607) 724-2241


The shelter is operational 7 days a week to care for the animals.
It is open to the public  for adoptions:
MONDAY - SATURDAY, 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
NOTE:  These times are subject to change without notice,
depending on the availability of volunteers.  You may call the shelter
in advance for a definite appointment time.

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